About Us

AquaBSafe is dedicated to those who care about the quality of the water in their daily lives.

Just like you, we find most products for water testing and treatment complicated to understand and use.  Some tests are time-consuming and require sending samples to a third party lab for certification.  Innovation has become a marketing cliché, which typically translates into products that are marginally improved or too complex to use.

Our mission is to turn innovation into products ordinary people can easily use to monitor the quality of the water at home or during travels.  Our highly curated products are truly innovative, meaning they are different from anything out there.  All our products yield highly accurate results based on a testing procedure that is easy to follow.

Our ultimate goal is to be a major contributor to the elimination of all contaminated water related diseases by helping to ensure that each individual has access to clean, safe water.

We believe that making sure your water is safe to use should be easy and fun.  By selling directly online we aim to save you time, offer an exceptional buying experience, and leave some money in your pocket.

We also believe everyone should have access to clean water.

We are working closely with municipalities to encourage regular water testing in public facilities such as pools, parks, lakes and beaches.  By making the young generation aware of the need for clean water, we instill social consciousness right at the roots.

In the end, it’s a simple idea: use clean water and be safe.