AquaVial Coliform Water Test Kit

AquaVial Coliform Water Test Kit

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  • A New And Innovative Product, ideal for water testing.  Use AquaVial Coliform to test well, irrigation, pool, and pond water for fecal coliform bacteria.
  • Simple, One-Step Water Testing Method.  Just pour sample water into the AquaVial Coliform test vial and check for changes in color.
  • Easy-To-Read Results: the reagent changes color from yellow to purple when bacteria are present. The color chart included with the AquaVial Coliform kit makes reading the results easy.
  • Highly Sensitive Water Test: AquaVial Coliform is able to detect coliform bacteria (including E. coli) at concentrations as low as 1 CFU/ml.
  • Cost-Effective Water Quality Screening Test: AquaVial Coliform provides a simple, quick, convenient and cost effective way to screen the water quality in the field.

AquaVial Coliform Water Test Kit -is an easy-to-use screening test that can quickly detect the presence of these dangerous bacteria before they could lead to serious illness.

E coli and coliform presence is an indicator of water being contaminated with wild or farmed animal feces, and can pose serious health risks. The World Health Organization recommends that drinking and recreational water contain less than 1 CFU/ml of E coli and coliform bacteria.

Why Should You Test for Coliform Presence in Water?

Coliform bacteria presence in water indicates potential fecal contamination of the water source. These bacteria can lead to serious illness. Infection symptoms include bloody diarrhea, stomach cramps, vomiting and occasionally, fever.

Coliform bacteria can also cause pneumonia, other respiratory illnesses and urinary tract infections. In case E. coli or other coliform bacteria are detected, the water should not be consumed. Further investigation and testing of the entire system should be initiated to confirm the results. AquaVial Coliform is a quick visual indicator of your water quality for well water, irrigation water, and even wastewater. This kit is a great in-house monitoring test to complement the mandatory laboratory testing.

How is AquaVial Coliform different?

AquaVial Coliform test kit takes advantage of the most recent advances in biotechnology research to detect the presence of coliform bacteria. Detection is indicated simply by means of a colour change in the sample. The nutrients used in our formulation are specifically designed to enhance the sensitivity to fecal coliform bacteria. This formulation reduces the risk of false positive results.

The color change is produced by a dye that changes its color from yellow to purple in the presence of an enzyme (Beta- glucosidase). This enzyme is produced by majority coliform bacteria.

Compared with other tests on the market, our test has a simpler testing method. Just add 5 ml of water to the vial provided and wait. The results can be read within 24 hours at 35 - 40 degrees Celsius (95-105F) or within 48 hours at room temperature, 20-25C or (68-77F).

Detection limit: 1 CFU/ml

Recommended sample volume: 5 ml

Detection range: 1 CFU/ml

Box Content:

  • 25 AquaVial Coliform kits (jars) 
  • Each kit contains 4 AquaVial Coliform test vials with yellow dry media and yellow cap
  • Instructions 

Jar height: 2.86 inch (72.5 mm)

Cap diameter: 2.35 inch (60 mm)

Jar weight: 0.009 lbs (40.8 g)

Box size: 12x12x4 inch

Box weight: 2.82 lbs

Shelf life: 2 years (expiration date is indicated on the package)

Store away from direct sunlight


Bacteria concentration reading chart

Download How to Use Instructions English

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Q: How many tests can be done with one kit?
A:  Each kit (jar) contains 4 vials that can be used to perform 4 tests.
      Each Box contains 25 kits of 4 vials that can be used to perform 100 tests.

Q: What does it mean if the vial remains yellow for the first 48 hours, but changes color a couple of days later?
A: The reagent in the test vial detects the presence of an enzyme produced by coliform bacteria.  However, the enzyme can sometimes be present at very low concentrations from other sources or from dead bacteria.  In some cases, this can result in colour change after the recommended 48 hour period (after 4-5 days or even longer).  However, if the vial did not change color within the first 48 hours it is a clear indicator that there is no viable (live) fecal coliform bacteria in your water.

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