AquaVial Quick Check - Dental Unit Waterline test
AquaVial Quick Check - Dental Unit Waterline test
AquaVial Quick Check - Dental Unit Waterline test
AquaVial Quick Check - Dental Unit Waterline test
AquaVial Quick Check - Dental Unit Waterline test

AquaVial Quick Check - Dental Unit Waterline test

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  • FAST RESULTS: This advanced nanotechnology works using microbial cell wall surface recognition. Visual detection of bacteria, fungi and biofilm in 15 to 30 minutes, allows for rapid corrective action. No more waiting for days for the results!
  • EASY-TO-READ: The reagent changes color from Pink to Light Purple when bacteria is present at concentration of over 500 cells per ml (CFU/ml). The color chart included makes reading the results easy.
  • ADA and CDC COMPLIANT: The test was designed specifically for use in dental offices, following CDC and ADA guidelines for detection limit - will detect bacteria and fungi, even in presence of biofilm, at concentrations over 500CFU/ml.
  • CONSISTENT RESULTS: The test produces consistent responses to a specific microbial strain, regardless of the type of water tested, or the dental waterline cleaner used. The test uses a 20 ml sample, which ensures more reliable results compared with plate count methods that use less than 1 ml of sample.
  • CONVENIENT: available in 3 and 12 pack sizes, in individually packed kits. Results can be conveniently recorded in the chart provided.

Why AquaVial Quick Check?

AquaVial Quick Check is an in-office waterline test kit, designed specifically for dental offices as a rapid screening method. It has been designed as a simple, convenient and economical tool to be used as an early warning system for the bacteria, fungi, and biofilm contamination that dental equipment is especially susceptible to. AquaVial Quick Check gives you the confidence that the water in your waterline is safe for patients and dental professionals.

It allows dental professionals to proactively address the challenges in maintaining waterlines free of biofilm and potentially dangerous pathogenic bacteria, especially during warm seasons or after a dental office closure.


How is AquaVial Quick Check different?

AquaVial Quick Check uses functionalized gold nanoparticle suspension that was designed specifically to interact with the cell membranes of harmful microorganisms and produce a colour change dependent on their concentration.

This eliminates the many limitations of HPC, including sample handling and transportation for lab testing, limited detection range, need for incubators, time to results, cost, and ease of use.

Detection Limit: 500 CFU/ml

Recommended sample volume: 40-50 ml

Accuracy: +/-20% across tested microorganisms.

Detection range:

  • broad spectrum detection of bacteria and fungi
  • detects biofilm a levels over 1 microgram/ml
  • detect both culturable and non-culturable cells

Box Content:

  • 12/3 individually- packed AquaVial Quick Check kits
  • each kit contains
    • one 20 ml disposable syringe,
    • one filter cartridge,
    • one test vial
    • one sterile saline vial
    • one set of instructions of Aquavial Quick Check


AquaVial Quick Check can be stored and/or transported at temperatures between -10 C and +40 C (14 F to 104 F).

For more details on how to use the kit please see our YouTube video instructions.


Q: What should I test?
A: Water samples should be taken from water sources used during patient treatment: handpieces, air/water syringes, ultrasonic and/or piezo scalers, and the cuspidor cupfill.

Q: When should I test?
A: Water testing should be done at the beginning of the day; after the waterlines have been flushed and the handpieces, air/water syringes, and scalers have been reattached, as per manufacturer’s instructions

Q: How long does it take to perform a water test?
A: AquaVial Quick Check does not require incubation and takes between 15 and 30 minutes at room temperature, depending on the level of contamination. If the water is highly contaminated, the change in coulour is visible within 15 minutes.

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