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  • Quantified results:  ExactBlue expresses microbial test results in Most Probable Number (MPN) or CFU/ml, so you can compare your results directly against CDC guidelines and take appropriate action.
  • On the spot results:  With ExactBlue, there’s no need to transport samples to the lab.  Test multiple samples, from different sources and locations, to determine if treatment is working or whether more action is required.   Quantitative results available in 5-10 minutes, with reports ready for you to email to your client.
  • Scope and reliability:  ExactBlue detects a wide variety of viable (both culturable and nonculturable) microorganisms, giving you a more accurate indication of the presence of pathogenic or opportunistic microorganisms.
  • Convenience:  ExactBlue literally puts the power to test your water in your hands.  It enable you to test multiple parameters (microbial load, free chlorine, hydrogen peroxide) immediately after sampling, and then analyze and track the results either online, or on your phone.
  • Lower total cost:  ExactBlue offers free software and cost-effective kits that will reduce your water testing expenses by over 50% when compared with lab testing.

ExactBlue allows you to perform microbial water testing at the sampling point- no need to ship samples, no risk of samples not getting at the lab on time.

ExactBlue testing system is an easy-to-use smartphone-based nanotech platform that offers quantitative results for total microbial contamination as well as biocides, all on one platform, within minutes!   Quick, convenient, and accurate, ExactBlue is an indispensable tool in your water quality management strategy.

ExactBlue allows water professionals to assess total microbial load and determine within minutes if a treated water source needs further action.

ExactBlue brings together, on one platform, direct microbial and disinfection testing , making it an indispensable tool for water treatment professionals working on high-risk operations.

Why do you need ExactBlue?

Water treatment professionals currently rely on biocidal efficacy studies prepared in laboratory conditions to design and establish water treatment systems.  In field conditions, they are limited to the use of indirect monitoring methods, such as the analysis of disinfectant levels, due to lack of cost-effective, fast, and accurate field testing technology. 

Using chemical testing alone to establish the effectiveness of a disinfection system can by misleading, as there are microorganisms that have adapted and are resistant to chlorine treatment (eg. Pseudomonas, Cryptosporidium) or can overcome its biocidal effect (eg. Legionella).  Their presence in water can only be detected using microbial testing, and even that might be difficult sometimes with hard to culture bacteria such as Legionella and Mycobacteria.

The ExactBlue testing system is an easy-to-use smartphone-based nanotech platform that screens for total microbial contamination as well as for biocides all on one platform.  Quick, convenient, and accurate, ExactBlue is an indispensable tool for your water quality management strategy.

How does it work?

Our microbial-sensing technology is based on functionalized nanoparticles engineered to provide high sensitivity with quick response times, enabling a range of field applications.  More specifically, the ExactBlue detection system uses specially created gold nanoparticles with a shape and charge designed to efficiently attach to the cell membrane of bacteria and other microorganisms.  This reaction produces a measurable color change of the gold nanoparticle solution.

ExactBlue testing range depends on the test method used, and can be adjusted depending on application:

Method Sampling volume Detection range (CFU/ml)
Cooling tower 20 ml  500- 20,000
Medical 50 ml  200-10,000
Pharmaceutical 100 ml 100 - 5,000
Ultrapure water*  20 ml 10 - 500


Accuracy: +/-20% across tested microorganisms

Quantitation Range: 500 - 20,000 CFU/ml

Detection range:

  • broad spectrum detection of bacteria and fungi
  • detects biofilm a levels over 1 microgram/ml
  • detect both culturable and non-culturable cells
  • DOES NOT DETECT: algae, viruses

Box Content:

  • 1 Exact Blue 1.0 portable device
  • App software including cloud storage accounts

Refill kit of 25 tests:

  • Two 20 ml disposable syringe
  • 25 filter cartridges
  • 25 test vials
  • 25 sterile saline vial

Reagents available:

  • Total microbial load
  • Free chlorine
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • E. Coli *

* comming soon

For more details on how to use the kit please see our YouTube video instructions.


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